2020 Tour

The #EndorsePeaceNow Tour 2020 is a ten city summer tour of EMPOWERMENT and awareness designed to spread the message of PEACE! At no time in our history has embracing this concept ever been more relevant to a generation! This dynamic tour will travel to ten major markets throughout the United States at the height of the 2020 US election season. We will register nearly 100,000 new voters, enough to sway the next election! The tour will also bring a new level of critical awareness to our mandate of peace in our schools and communities. We believe that people must first endorse the concept of peace, before they can live by it. This generation must be the change and our tour is the spark that ignites that fire!

Who We Are

Endorse Peace, is an internationally recognized 501-C3 non-profit organization that works tirelessly to raise awareness about issues of peace and understanding. We believe that peace begins with each of us and ends will all of us! We all have a part to play in accomplishing this result. The term “Endorse Peace”, is a non-partisan, non-bias affirmation of this concept offered universally to individuals in support of this ideal. Launched in the mid 1990’s at the height of the first US Conflict in Iraq, the Endorse Peace Foundation has become an ever present, ‘boots-on-the-ground’ force for change in at-risk communities nationwide.

What We Need

We are requesting an angel or early stage investor who can come to the table providing $500,000 in primary underwriting for our major overhead costs and expenses. This includes, but may not be limited to the lease costs for our tour bus, tour marketing, travel related expenses, promotional items, street team expenses, educational initiative and insurance. We are also reaching out to investors for profit participation on our tour merchandise line.

Why Your Company Should Become Involved

Endorse Peace is a Can-Do organization that has worked hard in the community for many, many years. Our specialty is bringing opposing organizations and rival groups together. Our objective has always been simple…Promote Peace Everywhere, Through Everyone! We are a non-profit, a-political organization that stays on message endorsing the concept of Peaceful problem-solving and strategies. Affiliating your brand or company with our movement not only puts you on the front lines of inner-city development but will help you to become known for spreading a message that is relevant everywhere, from the streets, to the state halls, to the capitals, and soon worldwide! Please join us as change the world by Endorsing Peace!

How It Will Happen

The #EndorsePeaceNow 2020 Tour will have a dedicated tour bus, street team, merchandise, and most importantly an educational platform presentation with our ongoing message of ‘Empowerment Through Peace!