About Us

Endorse Peace believes first and foremost that promoting peace and unity leads to reconciliation and enlightenment.

Endorse Peace, is an internationally recognized 501-C3 non-profit organization that works tirelessly to raise awareness about the issues of peace and understanding. We believe that peace begins with each of us. We all have a part to play in accomplishing the result of world peace and unity.

The term “Endorse Peace”, is a non-partisan, non-bias affirmation of the concept of harmony offered to individuals in support of this ideal.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Endorse Peace Foundation is to help break the cycle of violence that plagues our cities creating community economic development opportunities for individuals through education and training. We seek to stabilize and revitalize communities by collaborating to provide the resources necessary for schools, community and faith-based organizations to administer programs that will reduce recidivism, assist individuals to start businesses and develop careers that will empower them to compete in an ever changing global economy.

The Problem
It is well documented that the violence being committed our communities has escalated to epidemic proportions. The perceived lack of hope, opportunity and resources has led to a growing number of people turning to gangs, drugs and other illicit activities. This behavior lends itself to violence. Through training and education we can demonstrate that there is another way to solve problems and obtain financial security.

The Solution
Proceeds from the sale of Endorse Peace merchandise, etc., will be distributed, in the form of grants, to qualified schools and non-profit organizations that provide entrepreneurial training, career development opportunities and re-entry programs.

Together we can help reduce the plague of violence that continues to devastate our neighborhoods. The time is now. Let it start with you. PEACE!

Our History
In 1992, our CEO decided to choose PEACE and joined local business leaders, public officials, and civic-minded individuals to form a non-profit organization, South Central L.O.V.E., to improve the community. South Central L.O.V.E. (an acronym Let Our Vision Educate) was committed to stopping the cycles of poverty, welfare and violence that plague the nation’s inner-city areas.

How You Can Get Involved
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